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Got home today at noon and our 50 year old LP recording and the two beautifully labeled CD's with the sounds transferred to them were at my gate. I had the new CD in my computer in 10 minutes and was amazed at the clear sound. THANK YOU!  Patricia

You did great work at a very reasonable price and I can't tell you how surprised and happy I was with the 1 day turn around...I will be posting your web site at every opportunity I find...Thanks again for your professionalism. You made our day...Don and Roberta

Wow!  I'm so glad you got the package okay and I can't believe how fast you got it finished.  I'm so glad I was able to get this put on a CD that way it will last him for a long time.  Judy

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Convert LP to CD will provide you with top notch LP to CD transfers and professional service at a very reasonable price. We have done thousands of transfers and have as many satisfied clients. Have us transfer you LP's for a more satisfying listening experience. No project is too small, one album or a thousand LP's, we can handle it. All work is done right here, unlike some other companies, we don't outsource our work to have it done cheaply by someone else.

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Transferring LP to CD - What's Included

Artwork Examples

  • Digitally Convert your
    LP to a CD
  • Removal of long dead spaces
    between sides-
  • Records are hand cleaned and then cleaned again with our professional record cleaning machine. FREE
    Listen to the difference
  • Full Color Label with Title, Artist- FREE
  • Noise Reduction to reduce pops and clicks- FREE Examples
  • Scan front back album covers for inserts- FREE Examples
  • Indexing, track separation - FREE(Click Here for more info)
  • Standard Jewel Case with inserts- FREE
  • Normalization (Amplification if needed)- FREE

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Number of LPs to Convert to CD

Price per LP to CD





21 - 100


101- 250


251 - 500


501 - 750


751 - 1000


1001 +

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All pricing on LPs includes Scanned Front and Back Album Covers, Full Color Labels, Standard Jewel Cases, Indexing and Noise Reduction at
no extra cost. Restoration Limits

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Additional Copies

Additional copies of your new CDs are just 6.95. They will be exactly the same as the newly transferred CD.

We keep all transfers on file for 30 days so in the event you need additional copies, we can get them to you quickly. There's no need to re-send us your recordings.

    How do I order my LP to CD? IT'S VERY EASY!

    Start Here...

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    1. Fill Out the Order Form with all your contact information, and the number of LPs to CD you are sending.

    2. On the order form, choose the payment method you'd like to use.

    3. Print out the form and place it in a box along with your LP tapes and send them to the address on the form.

    4. Once we receive your LP here, we will notify you by email. Still have a question? Then please Contact Us.

    That's it!!

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